Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pinay DH's And The Spratlys

 In response to the article written by Mr. Chip Tsao in one Hong Kong Magazine entitled “The War At Home” a few weeks ago a satire as they say but I think it went a little too far. It’s more of an arrogance and a whole lot of ignorance. I wonder what he wrote about when the Russians killed the Chinese seamen and the Japanese planted a flag in Diàoyú Island, but when Manila claimed sovereignty over the Spratlys he tried getting back with his helpless Filipina domestic assistant Louisa by threatening her that he would not give increase on her wages next year until she [Louisa] tells her countrymen that the Spratly belongs to China, isn’t that the height of ignorance, did Mr. “Cheap” knows that an ordinary person like his assistant has nothing to do with any law, policy, treaty or decree his/her government ratifies, you don’t give benefits like salaries to anybody base on her country’s policies, instead, if he claims to be “a patriotic Chinese man” he should abide China or Hong Kong’s law on salary increases, if he needs to give it yearly as stated on their constitution, then he should do so, regardless of the employee’s nationality. He also called the Philippines as a nation of servants, because there are, according to him, 130,000 Filipino servants in Hong Kong he concluded therefore that the country is a nation of servants. In the Philippines there are also countless of Chinese tax evaders, intellectual property pirates, drug lords, prostitutes, gunrunners, illegal aliens and who knows what else, is it fair to label China then that it is a nation of “all of these”. I would like to see these 130,000 or so servants heed to Mr. “Cheap’s” advise of not flexing their muscle and let their Hong Kong local master do all the dirty works, is it possible for somebody be stupid and be stupid all over again, according to him he and his friends also declared a state of emergency in their homes and made their servants shout “China” like in the days of the cultural revolution, Instead of a state of emergency I think their in a state of ignorance, they should start shouting to their servants “teach us” because chances are these servants are more educated than their idiot masters, like his own, Louisa who holds a degree in international politics, she can give her own harsh lecture to “Cheap” that the cultural revolution is nothing more than just a time in Chinese history when their youth stopped going to school and started burning them and killing their parents at the same time, The baseline law that Manila passed is not a declaration of war or an insult against China like the way Mr. Cheap put it, it is simply practicing its sovereignty that it earn in 1898 long before Hong Kong earned its own from its master in 1987. In fact a debate is ongoing within it’s own political analyst. He must have nothing to write about and the deadline coming soon so he resorted to something that he would be sorry, A few days later he indeed made a public apology for what he wrote, he was pressured, 130,000 is a force that can make things happen. How can a patriotic Chinese man forget the colorful history of China and its servants, that trough the militancy of these servants the Peoples Republic of China was born.

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