Friday, April 17, 2015

My One And Only Wishart

having you in my life makes my half complete
a smile that i can't give to anyone , because only you can have it
tears in my eyes that only you can wipe
words from my heart that only you can hear
loving you is not so easy
but my only promise to my one and only "wishart"
i will never ever give up on you
"i will love you 'till eternity"

I will hold on to your promises,,, 
that you will never give up on me,,, that you will love me 'till eternity,,, 
i will hold on just like the way you held on me in spite of all the pain that you went through, 
the tears and the heartache, 
you held on even when my heart grew cold for a while,,,
you held on when i was not there to see your smiles,,,
you held on when i was not there to wipe your tears away,,,
i will always be here waiting for you to come home,,, 
you will always be my one and only "wishart"
 and my heart will always stay very much in love with you,,, 

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