Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Eternal Vow

take this entity who's presently named Katherine in this lifetime, 
the creation the elders has sent me 
to be my companion and help mate in my journey from here to eternity, 
i take her as my sister or brother, 
as my parent or child, as my friend or lover, 
as a he or a she, 
as the other half of me, 
as i have done years before or 
as i will do a thousand years more, 
i take her as he would have take me. 
with her i will discover things in me with all its grandeur and beauty, 
i would fall in love as i have before, 
with her, 
with him, 
whoever he may be, 
whereever she may be, 
whenever it could be, 
we see happiness in spite of the circumstance, 
we are together in spite of the distance, 
we seek each each other in spite of the situation, 
we are here and we are there,
we are everywhere, 
our love takes us anywhere.

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