Monday, April 13, 2015

a song for you,,,

"i thought that i can live without you
i really thought that i was strong
but now you're gone im not half as strong
i never knew that life could fade away
a little bit more each day
without you im twice a fool
i never saw it happening to me
i was blinded by my dreams of being free
,,, free from love
i never knew how much i missed you
i never knew i had to give to you
to keep you here now i need you here
maybe if i say i'm sorry
maybe you would never believe me
and i wont blame you i wasn't good to you
believe when i say im sorry
we've got to find a way of starting all over
cause its not over for me and you"

just when you least expect it you come across songs that seems to speak from what is in your heart

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